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Naoufal Alaoui known as Rocko, was born and raised between Morocco and Brooklyn. He lived in Andalucia, Spain where he was influenced by the artistic combinations of the eastern and western civilizations. Rocko has been living in sunset park, Brooklyn SINCE 2001. He works as a senior center program Director in Bushwick. He is the founder of Spread Art NYC, a street art organization dedicated to uplifting Local communities.  Rocko comes from a calligraphy, lettering and hand style background. He learned how to write arabic calligraphy when he was 4 years old back in Morocco using wooden pens. Rocko is very popular in the Arabic tattoo design industry. He is also well known in the New York and World street art communities as He has been painting large scale murals for the past 4 years. His art is a combination of single arabic letters and Moroccan patterned designs.
Rocko is also a fine calligraphy artist who's work has been displayed at numerous local established art shows and galleries.
Rocko has been interviewed by many street art bloggers and TV platforms including Revolt TV, Brooklyn News 12, Pix 11, ArtTV, Al Hurra TV, Street Art NYC, Bedford and Bowery, Forbes magazine, Animal New York, DNA info, Brooklyn Social, and much more 

-212 arts annual art show, Lower East Side 
-Spread Art NYC annual art show, Bushwick
-OverBoard show, Long Beach 
-Artists for Bernie, Williamsburg 
-Holy Art Show, Williamsburg 
-The Art of Peace, Bronx 
-Brooklyn Law School outdoor installation for Brooklyn Fashion week
-More than words, a lettering group show, Azart Gallery, Chelsea 
-All City Art Expo 2015, Williamsburg 
-EBC Highschool, Bushwick 
-5 Pointz Creates, Queens 
-Brooklyn is the future, Bushwick 
- Brooklyn fashion week( collaboration with dress designer Erin Birmingham, Sunset Park
- Bushwick fashion week, Market Hotel, Bushwick 
- Bushwick fashion week, Living Gallery, Bushwick 
- Brooklyn Tattoo Gallery, 36th street Sunset park